Thursday, December 14

Motivation Factors For Weight Loss

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The most important factor, but likely also the toughest factor when you want to lose weight is your will and motivation. In other words most overweight or obese people would like to lose weight, but how much energy do they have and are they willing to sacrifice to lose weight?

Of cause not every overweight person is sad and physiologic down, but a lot don’t have the energy or surplus to do something serious about losing weight. There can be many challenges when trying to lose weight and these can cause that there is no extra energy to fight the overweight. This is the reason that small steps are better than no steps at all.

But you can change some things in your lifestyle, which will help you achieve your weight loss goals. There are many opportunities, but the simple part about it is to change your diet and exercise more.

–          Quit all the small unhealthy snacks and candybars.
–          If it is possible for you to walk or bike to the destination, do it instead of taking the car
–          Use the stairs instead of the elevator/lifts.

Some good motivation factors to keep in mind if you want to lose weight could be some of the following;

–          Obesity leads to illness. There are many lifestyle illnesses and the risks are increased to get these when you are overweight. Though you will not get diabetes just because you are overweight, you genes also have to be against you.
–          Economy. It is not nice having to pay more for some things just because you are being overweight; some flight companies are already charging obese people more for their flight tickets.
–          Love. For most this might be taboo, but they do not wish a partner who is obese, but it is also a fact that some people exclude overweight people. The wish to find a partner can be one of the best motivation factors to lose weight.

But when you have achieved some of your goals and have done well with your diet, you need to award yourself. You can award yourself with new fitness clothing, a DVD or book, pulsewatch, mp3-player and other things, will you realize it might have a very positive effect on keeping your motivation towards reaching your goals.


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