Monday, December 11

Celery Can Help Your Brain

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As we get older our brain cells become inflamed, and this can lead to memory loss, or even worse, dementia. But thanks to a new US research programme, it has been discovered that eating celery can combat that because it contains a chemical known as  luteolin, which is also present in  peppers.

The team of scientists from the University of  Illinois studied the effects of luteolin on the brains and also behaviour of  young mice, aged between 3 and 6 months, and also older ones aged 2 years. Mice usually live for 2-3 years. The older mice were fed a controlled diet for 4 weeks, with included luteolin, and when tested  afterwards , they did better in memory and learning tests than their younger peers.

The research was led by Professor Rodney Johnson, who commented that the data suggests that eating a healthy diet can reduce the inflammation in the brain, which will then result in better brain function.

 So I must try to chew on a stick of celery, and add peppers to my salad more often if I want to keep my brain cells working, and my memory loss minimal. Well it’s worth a try.

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