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Natural Cure For Over Masturbation

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Masturbation physical strong as many other feelings can be addictive, if not controlled, it can become a social problem negative. Religion has done a lousy job of trying to control the social issues to deal with sex. Religion has attempted to control sexual feelings with  alternatives and implications for the transgression. The religion that best demonstrates the absurdity of repressed sexuality is the religion that has only recently been exposed to accusations of sexual abuse against priests.

Some men who are unhappy with their sexual life also resort to over masturbation as a way of relieving their sexual tensions.


Over masturbation is also prevalent in boys who are just beginning to learn about their sexuality. Boys who grow up in a sheltered and introverted kind of family atmosphere might become more obsessed with their own genitals. Hence over masturbation could indicate a deep-rooted trauma in the past of the man, or some fault in the upbringing like overtly strict parents.

By exploring one’s own body visually and by touch, this knowledge can be carried over to provide for a stronger and satisfying sexual relationship with one’s partner by opening lines of communication regarding what their body responds to best.

Side Effects of Over Masturbation: –

• Fatigue
• Lower back pain
• Hair Loss
• Weak Erection
• PE
• Eye floaters or fuzzy vision
• Testicular Pain
• Pain or cramp in the pelvic cavity

ED can be frustrating both physically and emotionally, as the condition can interfere with sexual satisfaction of a man and his partner. However, most cases of ED are physically related and can be treated successfully.

Begin your masturbation by caressing several of your sensual body parts, like your breast and breast nipples, the area under your shoulders, your stomach area, your buttocks and your thighs. Then gently approach your more intimate zones with caressing movements.

Herbs for Improve Sexual Weakness: –

• Saw Palmetto Berry: – The use of this berry goes back a long way, back to the times when Native Americans used it to treat infections of the urinary tract and reproductive system and other genital conditions.
• Epimedium: – For the Chinese, when it comes to libido supplements, Epimedium has no equals. It is reputed to possess a property that restores the sexual desire of a person by stimulating the sensory nerves of a person.
• Ginko Biloba Leaf: – This Chinese herb has a 5000 year old history of usage. Its intake increases the genital blood flow. This herb, including the ones listed above, and many others come together in natural penis pills like.
• Asian Ginseng Root: -Traditionally used as an energy supplement, the root is also thought to possess the properties of an aphrodisiac. This herb is also seen to work against impotence and the tendency to prematurely ejaculate.

Herbal Remedies and Herbs Supplements for Loss of Libido & Sexual Weakness

• Vigomax Forte
• Shilajit Gold
• Tentex Forte


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