Sunday, December 17

Are Men on a Different Planet?

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Recently when I was cleaning out the oven, I had trouble removing the shelves to clean them. I called my dearly beloved, and he, anxious to show off his manly strength, gripped them firmly, and pulled them out. I explained that I had been worried about breaking them, and he laughed, satisfied to have proved that brute force and ignorance had done the trick.

The next time, having been shown how to do it, I decided to try myself. Guess what, when I tugged one of them, not only did it come out, so did the screw that held it there, and of course it was broken. When my other half saw what I had done, he tutted, and remarked that I could have been more careful.

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« How to Tell Him That You Love Her So MuchSimple Reasons to Dump Your Boyfriend »Every morning he loses his car keys and his mobile phone, and of course I must have moved them, but when he does find them, he can then remember that he ” Just put them there because he was in a hurry.”

After my disaster with the oven shelf, we went out one day, and we were in a very pretty public garden, so he wanted to get a photo of the flowers. He stood on a platform, using my camera, and then to my absolute horror, he didn’t see there was no rail on one side,so he tripped straight into a puddle, breaking my camera in the process.

Luckily he wasn’t hurt, and we had a good laugh about it. He has also promised to get me a new camera for Christmas. but I still couldn’t help thinking, if I had broken his camera, he would have told me off for being careless, because he is always so careful!

I love my man to bits, and I wouldn’t change a thing about him, but I still think that men are on a different planet, because there is no excuse for our failings and mistakes, but plenty of excuse for theirs.

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