Monday, December 18

How Can You Tell If a Man Loves You – Signs He's Absolutely Crazy About You

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The question of how can you tell if a man loves you is one that women have been wanting an answer to for years and years. Nothing is quite as frustrating as being in love with a man who isn’t comfortable sharing everything he’s feeling. If you’re in a relationship like this you’re usually left to your own devices to try and figure out what’s going on in his heart and in his mind. Trying to guess what a man is feeling is never a good thing. If you truly want to know whether he feels as deeply connected to you emotionally as you do to him, there’s help. There are some signs that indicate that your guy is completely crazy about you.

One answer to the question of how can you tell if a man loves you is found in what you two talk about when you’re together. Most of us don’t pay that close of attention to how much our man asks about us, but it’s actually very telling. If your guy would much rather talk about you than himself, that’s a great sign. A man in love can’t get enough of the woman he adores. He wants to know every single thing there is to know about her. If you find that he’s much more focused on talking about himself and what’s going on in his life, he may still just like you. Listen carefully to his words the next time you two are together. It really will give you amazing insight into his heart.

Another way to tell if he loves you involves the amount of time he wants to spend with you. Men who aren’t that into women are experts at coming up with believable excuses for why they aren’t available. Does your guy tell you he needs to work a lot, or that he has to tend to things around the house? Maybe he says he’s too tired to hang out but he will later in the week? A man in love is never too tired to see his woman. He’ll drive across town to spend five minutes with her if that’s all the time she has. If the man you’re involved with just doesn’t make you a priority, he hasn’t fallen in love with you yet.


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