Friday, December 15

The Major Requirement For Success is Writing Goals

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   A person who doesn’t know where to go, who does not aim on anything, is like an airplane without a destination. In such a situation,  the tendency of  an accident is more likely to happen.  A survey was made concerning the financial status of the people in general,  it was found out that out of the ninety percent wealth of the society,  only ten percent of the population control it.  Another survey was made, and the result surprised everyone.  Out of the millions of people that are existing all over the world,  only five percent are writing goals, the ninety five percent just leave their destiny  to whatever future would bring.  Why is it that majority of the people do not write goals? The reason is fear, a lot of people are afraid to venture into something that has a tendency of failure.  The truth is,  failure is more susceptible to unplanned things than to things that people have prepared for.  There are areas in one’s life that needs planning in order that the so called fulfillment must be experienced. First on the list is career; second is, friendship; then, family including health; and the last is, finances. Writing a goal can really make a difference, try it yourself and be a part of the successful few. Anyone who wants to be a success must not ignore this particular thing; in planning,  a lot of problems will be avoided even before launching a project at hand. Getting what a person wants is not magic, he must plan for it and must do the plan.


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