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What to do in Woodbridge, Virginia

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Some of you might think it’s strange that I, being a New Yorker and a well-traveled nomad, is writing an article about the quiet town of Woodbridge. And some of you might not think it’s all that quiet, as specially if you’ve lived here for a while. While others of you think Woodbridge is total insanity, being that you’re a quiet military family or someone that came from sothern burbs. Either way, I’m sure you can learn a few things from what I have to offer!

I’ve been in and out of Woodbridge since 1997. Woodbridge is one of those places that’s easy to leave, hard to forget, but always an option to move back to. I call it a “mediocre” lifestyle…that is, for those of us that work and play there. Its not too cheap, but nothing near expensive. There are things to do, but not a ton. The places you visit are not spectacular, but not falling apart…I could go on and on…

I can start on the topic at hand by telling you that If you’ve been to Woodbridge before, or have been here for a while, the same lhangouts have different names. A few examples are Gators, which is now called Morgans and Oasis, which is now Waters Edge.

If you’re into karaoke (prounounced kera-o-kee), there’s a place for you to go 7 days a week, and often, more than 1. Its at Morgans Mondays and Tuesdays, Los Toltecos Fridays and Queens Gambit 7 days a week. Only Morgans and Gambit are known for being open till 2 am, guarenteed, 7 daysa week.

If you’re into Mexican food you have a ton of options! The locals love it! I like Los Toltecos on Thursdays, but that’s also for the live hip-hop dj spinning DCs hottest on the 1s and 2s. Chillis is the most-loved but is not an entertainment spot. They have the fab 2-for-$20 deal right now,,,,can’t beat it! Then there’s Morgans on Tuesday nights, with $2 for 2 tacos and $4.50 shots of Cabo Wabo and 1800 Tequilas (I prefer the smoothness of Cabo). El Paso is in the same parkinglot…the dinner meal for two is $14. My x and I had leftovers for 3 additional days! Don’t ask about their beer specials, I know a pitcher is cheap (maybe $7), but theres no entertainment (just walk across the P-Lot to Morgans! lol. Look out for coupons for both places in MoneyMailer and Valpak! Or, sign up for restaraunts.com and save big $!    The list could go on, here, as well. Mexican and Tex-Mex seems to be an addiction, to locals.

If you’re into Asian food, East Moon Cafe is the best there is in Woodbridge. Its got EVERYTHING, from Japanese sushi, to Korean Kimche, to Vietnamese Pho, to Chinese General Tsos Chicken…and an astonishing list of others, including mixed drinks. No entertainment there, but a nail salon a few stores down and a $1.99 dry-cleaners next door, as well as a Tazo Pizza (healthy), where you can indulge in organic and experimental pies.  

If you’re into live bands, your best bet is to check the local listings via the internet. Some people go onto the specific web sites for the bars, some go onto their facebook pages. I honestly believe a lot of the local hotspots will loose business exceptionally, if they don’t get onto facebook. Most of the bars have bands friday and saturday nights only, with the exception of a solo performer. Most of the bands are cover bands, some of which are named similarly to what they play (for example Van Galen). Check out these places and their sites: Gators Billards, Morgans Sports Bar and Lounge, Brittanys, the Down Under Pub, and the Waters Edge. 

If you’re into dancing, its quite a challenge in Woodbridge to find a spot that has continuously good tunes. Hip-Hop, R&B and DC Go-go are guarenteed to be at Los Toltecos on Thursday nights. If you want to know more, listen to 95.5. He’s a resident radio dj. On Fridays, Waters Edge has hip-hop mixed with other top hits. I suggest not going when its cold, though, unless you’re a dancer…because they sometimes keep the tiki-bar open and let the frigid air in! If the music is good, I sweat and don’t care! If it’s horrid…I expect a nice bar tab. There’s this fab bartender at the Edge, named Callie…she’s the quickest and friendliest. K2 (the old Kilroys) has a colorful crowd that’s into hip-hop, some oldschool, r&b, soul and classics. They serve food late and have some bangin jumbo cajun shrimp…yummm! Djs vary slightly, and theres sometimes and emcee, but the dance-floor is open on weekend nights, and is nicely separated from the tables. Expect a cover, to be frisked, and a dress-code.

For a mature, rock-focused crowd, try the Down Under pub. Though it’s not necessarily in Woodbridge, its definately a hop, skip and jump away. They host live cover-bands on weekends, a friendly professional crowd, an amazingly nice (and funny) staff, and a decent menu filled with fresh seafood and appetizers. My fav is the crab-cake platter…something I’ve only started eating in the past few years. But, believe me, I’m obsessed. It’s better than anywhere else in Woodbridge and Dale city, and a filling and flavorful entree! My fav bartender is Mario, but the twins are nice, as well. 

Ladies, there are local specials for you too! Almost every spot has a ladies night…minus Gambit, because they have no specials! Morgans on Thursdays…$2 house wines, Bud and Bud light bottles and Ultras! Alot of places in Woodbridge claim to have a “ladies night,” but dont!

Gays…find them and follow them. Woodbridge is an EXTREMELY welcoming community! All you have to do is open your eyes, where you are, and there will often be atleast one “gay table.” I know alot of gays are into karaoke! There are no gay nights of any sort, but I have heard of there being a gay bar on route 1 in Woodbridge. If I find any info, I will post it, here. 

Industry Night is a night created for people that work in the restaurant/bar industry. Its Wednesday nights at Morgans, serving $8 buckets of beer (5 domestic bottled beers). Since the restaurant industry in Woodbridge in tremendous, it might be a good night to go out and meet new people, as well as, to ask people what to do where and when. …more to come…

Waters Edge

13188 Marina Way

Woodbridge, VA 22191

(703) 494-5000


Golansky Blvd

Woodbridge, VA 22192

(703) 670-8079

Los Toltecos

4120 Merchant Plz

Woodbridge, VA 22192-5085

(703) 680-4120

Queens Gambit

12730 Black Forest Lane

Woodbridge, VA 22192

(703) 590-4300

the Down Under Pub

301 Mill Street

Occoquan, VA 22125

(703) 490-0904


12449 Dillingham Square

Woodbridge, VA 22192

(703) 730-0728


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