Monday, December 18

Unfortunate Chelsea

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Do you like chelsea? Bad news for chelsea’s fans, their team shown very bad performance for last month. Acctually I also a fans from chelsea. I was very disapointed with over all team’s perform. I think the source of this failed is the manager, ya he is Carlo Ancelotti (Carletto). He brough chelsea to nightmare. He did something error to my lovely teamI think.

He don’t take an experience when at milan. He failed at milan because he maintened the old player, he won’t buy younger player to refresh the team. Now he is bringing chelsea ke nighmare. He also maintened old player like terry, drogba, and lampard. He also too depended with one player, so he don’t subtitution that hava same quality with chelsea stars. I think this problem should be resolve immediately. If not, chelsea would loss their premiership tittle. The solusion of this problem is buying a new young player that have high quality.

Carletto I think, have capabilty to bring chelsea in the glory. He should bring champions league to Stamford brigde. As fans of chelsea I want chelshea always win.  I hope Carletto can review his team and solve this problem immediately. You can do it caletto. Chelsea would comeback immediately. Bravo chelsea !!


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