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Headache is one of the recurrent disorders that can disrupt a person’s life, headache pain generalized all over the body or at particular area in the body, the pain may be moderate to very sever.  However in general sneezing, prolonged coughing, exposure to sunlight, are main reasons to cause headache, sometimes a headache may be a symptom of a serious problem like stroke or brain tumor, and may need very immediate action to take medical care.  Severe headache may be associated with convulsion or seizures, or accompanied by confusion or loss of consciousness.  The pain may be caused with a blow on the head or in the eye or in the ear. 

The headache in children used to happen along with fever, so it needs immediate medical treatment by a physician.  The headaches are classified as Migraine, tension, and cluster.  Migraines are indication of pain on one or both side of head.  Symptoms are vomiting, nausea, noise sensitivity, flu like achiness,, sweating, fever, etc.,  Some peoples are having migraine with the indication of visual disturbances , So they need to take immediate medical advice , Migraine attacks may last from few hours to days, and may cause several times a week, or once every few years due to many more reasons.   

Tension type headache are one of the most common type, and have produce dull, severe pain, and feels like pressure in being applied to the head or neck.  These headaches may be associated with muscle ender and increased activity of elecromyogram.  The cluster headache is mainly occurring in serious one-sided headache and lasting for 15 minutes to 5 hours, and the symptoms are nasal congestion, irritated and watery eyes, etc.,    

The headaches are treated with help of Antidepressants and Analgesic , which are very effective for the pain and to be feel more relax, both antidepressants and analgesic are mainly used for stress related headache .  Muscle relaxants may be used for the treatment of chronic tension related headache, but most of the times summarization and Ergotamine would be recommended to reduce the pain in migraine as well as normal headache pain. We need to be relaxed as much as possible in our day to day life and to avoid migraine and headache.


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