Monday, December 11

Some Government Officials Who Want to Allow Homosexual Men in The Military Are Incompetent With Numbers

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Some Government Officials who want to allow homosexual men in the military are incompetent with numbers

I was watching one of the cspan channels while I was eating.  Someone said that thirty something percent of military personnel in a poll think that allowing people to serve in the military while openly admitting to being homosexuals will have negative results and only 12 percent think it will result in positive results.  One of the government members said, it is therefore more positive (or positive and neutral) than negative, when you add the positive and neutral numbers.  You are not supposed to add the positive and neutral numbers together, because the neutral numbers have no beneficial effect by definition.  Would you prescribe a pill that produced bad effects 30% of the time and positive effects only 12 percent of the time and the rest of the time did nothing (or was neutral), if the good and bad effects are of equal severity only an incompetent doctor would do such a thing.  But sometimes people are incompetent on purpose.  A survey is more than just numbers also the words that make the survey are important, there is a difference between believing something to be true and knowing it is true, yet this difference was not taken into consideration, when a survey question asked if people believed homosexuals were in their units.  It is one thing to suspect a member is homosexual but another, to witness a member willing engage in homosexual acts and willingly pro-claim to be a homosexual.  Over all in my opinion when I watched the government members discuss the survey with military members, I felt the survey work was poorly done with a pro-homosexual agenda.  That being said, some of the competent government officials were there to correct the incompetent ones and point out massive mistakes in the way the system was performing and evaluating the survey.

I must point out that not all good and bad effects are of equal severity so a weighted average should be used, but this is not an option unless one can measure how positive or negative something is.  I must also point out that someone perceiving something as true does not make it true.  In reality morality is not determined by popular vote.


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