Monday, December 11

Is Windows 7 Microsoft's Best Operating System?

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Windows 7. Is it the new operating system we were all waiting for or is it just the required Vista patch? The short answer is both. Windows 7 takes many of the new features from Vista and provides a much more stable platform then its predecessor. Many can argue that Windows XP is still superior to Windows 7, but I think the new features of Windows 7 put it on top for now.

My favorite feature is the snap to window. This makes working so much easier and the feature is compatible on multiple monitor displays. To view two applications side-by-side, a user can drag one window to the left and another to the right and the windows snap to fill their respective halves. Alternatively, while in any window a user can use Windows Key + Arrow Key to snap to a side, maximize or minimize while never taking their hands off the keyboard.

For the techies, Windows 7 uses much less resources then Windows Vista. Never have I found myself waiting for my laptop or desktop to catch up to me with a lagging screen or mouse because my operating system is using 75% of my RAM. Windows 7 just runs smoother. A nice security feature I enjoy is the Unix-like option to install an application when not running as an Administrative user. A modal screen pops up, asks for the master password, and you are on your way. Don’t be afraid. This doesn’t happen as annoyingly often as the Windows Vista implementation of security permission.

Not only security but everything feels more user friendly then any previous Windows OS I have used. The Aero feel is soothing to the eyes and offers windows previews from the newly organized task bar and Aero tabbing. Windows 7 integrates the desktop search feature into all aspects of the new OS. From the Start Menu to the top corner of an Explorer window, the search box allows you to start typing and see instant results. The Start Menu even lets you type in a program name and hit the return key to start the application! Talk about easy! The Control Panel is organized in dummy proof categories. Selecting available wireless networks takes only a few clicks, and the level of security is multiple choice.

Microsoft did a great job to save their reputation with the release of Windows 7. It has many great features. It is stable and relatively lightweight on resources. It offers more and simpler to use security enhancements. To me it is by far the best operating system they have released to date.


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