Saturday, December 16

Delay Potentially Faces a Life Sentence For Receiving Donations While Obama Gets Away With Bloody Murder Blood Money.

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Delay potentially faces a life sentence for receiving donations while Obama gets away with bloody murder blood money.

A republican Tom Delay is facing a potential life sentence for activities involving donated money.  It is not uncommon for people who murdered other people in the U.S. to get less than a life sentence, so this seems a little extreme.   It seems more extreme when you consider the circumstances; Tom Delay was not even accused of stealing but of receiving donations.  The corporations willingly gave him money.  If we are not allowed to give our property to who we wish (except when it endangers life and so on and so forth,) then we effectively do not own our property.  If we cannot own our property in this country than truly the government is stealing from us.

On grounds of bribery it is no more bribery for one to receive money from a corporation than from an individual, or from government coffers.  No matter what if a politician receives money from anywhere from there can he be bribed, and a politician must receive money from somewhere if he has any, for it does not appear out of thin air.  If government money is given to politicians to run for office instead of individual and corporate money there is still potential for bribery, to do the agenda of other government leaders.   If politicians receive money from individuals then an individual can bribe them.  Both Delay and Obama received money from somewhere.   My point is they must receive money from somewhere so preventing a corporate source does not make people immune from being swayed by money.  I also would like to point out that every politician has supporters who could potentially influence them and if they have no supporters how did they get voted in?

Who would give Obama money?  Those who support his cause.  Who supports Obama’s cause?  According to votesmart Obama has 100% approval from pro-abortion groups like planned parenthood.  Furthermore Obama promotes the use of tax money to support baby murder through his decisions as a government official.  Many people would be unwilling to pay even one tax dollar to support abortion, but if they skip paying their taxes they could be thrown in jail, therefore the money is taken from them by force or in other words stolen from them.  The purpose of government is to establish justice, yet babies have done nothing wrong and murderers of babies are getting legal protection as long as abortionists get special legal immunity and police protection from civilian justice after committing an abortion.  The government has been a tool to enable baby murderers to escape justice while punishing petty monetary issues with life sentences.  I am not saying that monetary issues are petty but that they are petty compared with mass murder.

In Summary

1.       All politicians receive help from someone to get into office; Obama is no more innocent of this than Delay, as it is unlikely to get money and help from 0 individuals, yet get into office.

2.       Many of the people that endorse and or help Obama are murderers or in support of murder, such as Planned Parenthood.

3.       Obama uses money unwillingly taken from taxpayers to support infanticide

4.       Delay received money from willing individuals he did not steal from the corporations but received donations from the corporations.

5.        If the corporations cannot donate than they effectively may not own their property and are forbidden from exercising their freedom of speech.  Corporations are composed of individuals.

Obama shows his support for planned parenthood


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