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Pattaya – The City of Entertainment

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If we have to say what Thailand is in one sentence – it is shiny Buddhistical temples, monks dressed in long colored wrappers, smiling and polite people, fantastic beaches surrounded by exotic palm trees, everlasting heat and cities bubbling with life. This is Thailand – the most desirable place for living these days.

The Thailand capital of entertainment – Pattaya is a stunning, always spirited and noisy city. It has a unique atmosphere of gaiety and fun, freedom from care, amusements without any inhibitions and a legendary nightlife.

Pattaya is the most famous Asian sea resort. It is situated on two hours drive by car southeast from Bangkok. It is especially good choice for tourists who go for romantics and tranquility between these azure shores with fine sands and crystal water. The resort offers great conditions for accommodation in luxurious hotels near the beach including different procedures for their tourists’ relaxation, all kinds of sea sports and sea attractions such as diving, jet skiing, banana boat riding, water skiing. There are also great conditions for surfing etc. It also offers good earth sports such as fishing, horse riding, and here are some of the best golf playgrounds. So, we said what you can do in sea, ground, and what is left?

Air. Many tourists try the hot air balloon ride and experience something indescribable. If you think that you would enjoy sitting in the basket of the hot air balloon and drinking champagne, you should probably try this attraction.  These are things you can do on the main beaches, which are very crowded in the high season. However, this does not mean that you will be interrupted during your stay. You can relax during the day on the lounges, hearing children’s voices and being offered slices of watermelons and cocktails, which are not that expensive. Prices in Thailand are not as high as you may expect from such a nice place like Pattaya. And don’t forget that this city is famous with its night life which means that if you get out at night you will probably spend it outside. There are a lot of discos, different bars and pubs, many bars at the beach and bars, which are even in the water, are working for your good time.

Pattaya is a very beautiful and very romantic place. Once you visit it, you will never want to leave. Here are many virgin bays and as much often you go to this city, you will keep seeing new and new things and you will never see them all. Some of the landmarks are stunning and breathtaking.

Bright and rich of contrasts country where you can feel the fine playing harmony between the ancient and the modern. Thailand is one of the most preferred tourist destinations in the world. The city offers the universal tourist product “everything for everyone” and only the person, who has never been there, hasn’t found what a romantic and exotic rest this place offers.


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