Thursday, December 14

A Special Theme For Your Child’s Next Birthday Party

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This kid’s father, who looked fairly well-to-do, told me that they do not give presents at parties, nor do they ask for presents for their children’s parties.  Instead of presents, their family makes a small donation to a local charity in lieu of the present.  For his son’s birthday presents, the family asks for canned food, toys, or other items to give to a local shelter or soup kitchen.  After the party, the family makes plans to go to the shelter or kitchen to make the donations in person. 

I was pleasantly surprised at this revelation.  My wife and I have always discussed the fact that our children get too many presents, most of which never get used, and finally get donated after we get frustrated of cleaning them up.  Additionally, we’ve been searching for a way to get our children to realize how fortunate they are to have basic necessities such as food, shelter, clothing, and toys.  The idea of putting those concepts into real practice by having our children make donations is a brilliant one. 

Although it is too late to create a charity theme for my son’s birthday party, we are looking forward to making the donation that he received from our friend.  Creating a charity theme is a great way to instill your child with the spirit of giving.

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