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How to Get Vitamin D to Develop Healthy Bones And Body

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Vitamin D is needed by your bones, as stored vitamin D could promote the optimum concentration of calcium and phosphorous in your body.  This helps in the proper development and formation of the bones. 

Vitamin D can be found in the foods you eat everyday.  So there is an urgent need for you to develop a healthy diet in order to get the right amount of vitamins.  This vitamin however can also be provided by sunshine.  By getting enough sunlight, your body can convert the ultraviolet rays into vitamin D. 

But there is still one factor that you need to consider to achieve total wellness.  Apart from the right diet and sunshine, you also need regular exercise to build strong muscles and bones. 

Getting Vitamin D from Your Diet

Vitamin D can be found in the foods you eat everyday.  Some of the best sources include fish, liver, milk, and some green leafy vegetables. 

You have to drink milk everyday preferably in the morning and before you go to sleep.  Butter and fatty fish such as cod and halibut are also excellent sources of vitamin D.  Animal liver and fish liver oil should also be included in your diet. Lastly, you should eat at least two whole eggs each week because the yolk contains as much as 1.5 IU of vitamin D per 100 grams. 

Of course, your diet should not only consist of vitamin D rich foods.  You have to ensure that your diet is well balanced so your body can also get other vitamins.  Make sure to include vegetables, meat, and grains in your diet to achieve total body wellness. 

Vitamin D from Sunshine

The sun is a good source of vitamin D (interesting to know is that the Danish term for this is D vitamin).  The best part is you can get it for free by simply exposing your skin to the sun for at least five to six minutes each day, your body will be able to get its week’s supply of vitamins D. 

It would be best if you can get the mid-morning sunshine.  This is the best time when the sun emits ultraviolet B rays which is beneficial for your body.  The key to get the benefits of sunlight is to avoid overexposure.  Do not allow sunburn to set in.  Just a few minutes under direct sunlight would be enough to get the needed vitamin D. 

Regular Exercise for Optimum Health

No one can deny the beneficial effects of exercise to the body.  Even if you are eating right and getting the right amount of sunshine, you still can not achieve total wellness without exercise.  So make sure to develop exercise routines that will help strengthen your body. 

To get vitamins D, it would be best to develop outdoor exercise routines.  Brisk walking and jogging in the morning are good outdoor exercises.  If you exercise outdoors, you are also exposing your skin to sunlight.  So this will help you absorb vitamins from sunshine.


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