Friday, December 15

Gift Idea For Guys (And Girls)

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I know; been there, done that. Now it says gift ideas for guys, but if you’re looking for what to get for a girl, I’m sure there are some points here that will be applicable. After all, we’re talking presents and gift ideas for human, not some some alien from outer space.

Now, let’s get straight to business. Here are some gift ideas that may help (I hope)

1.Daily Necessity

Is his razor getting rusty? Perhaps an electrical razor would be nice. Now, observe your man. What does he need? Pragmatism is key here.

If he’s often made to wash the dishes, maybe a dishwasher might help? Or if he is often out in the sun, consider getting him one of those glasses where it darkens with light (photochromic eyeglass ).

2. Technology

There are plenty of technology out there, since we’re living in the technological age. USB hub would be useful if he has a limited number of USB port on his laptop or computer.

Or universal remote. Not sure if you have heard of this, but it’s multiple remote in one. Now we’re talking. It’s the ideal gift for those who hog the television. (Ok, maybe not that ideal.)

3. Gift Card

Even then, you’re still swimming through the Internet at what to get him. Gift card can go a long way, with a handwritten message and a spoken suggestion on what to spend it. The key is suggestion, that’s why he gets the gift card.

4.Gym & Health

There’s this bar thing that I saw, it’s something like a gym, only a portable one. It’s really neat, since you don’t have to travel all the way to get to the gym and spend monthly to get your membership’s worth. If you’re curious, drop by , under the sport’s section to see what I’m rambling about.

5.Experience Gift

If all else fail, try gifting him an experience. Take this as an analogy; which of these 2 do you remember better? The electric applicant gifted as your wedding gift? Or your honeymoon?

Moreover, there’s no point in giving him a gift if that means more clutter. Don’t worry about creating that perfect trip to Europe. Sure it’ll be nice, but sometimes, the best memories are the one that are not as perfect as we thought.

And the ingredients to that? I don’t really know what exactly, but when something unexpected crops up, a sense of humour, common sense and laughter never hurts.

Oh, and before I forget, you don’t need loads of cash to do that. You can enjoy yourself even without burning a hole in your pocket. Camping anyone?


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