Monday, December 11

On The Philippine Judicial Budget Cut Protest: Some Wore Black, Some Wore Brown

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Not all court Philippine judicial employees at the Hall of Justice, Bacolod City, reported for work yesterday wearing black.

While it was in the news that judges are urged to wear black as a form of protest against cuts on the Philippine judicial budget, not all wore the mourning color.

Judge Paolo Ariola said that he did not even know about this concerted action if not having accidentally opened a television channel the night before about the mass plan. Thus, all his staff at the Municipal Trial Court in Cities Branch 1, Hall of Justice, Bacolod City were wearing the proper brown uniform.

Apparently, the text messages to protest Philippine judicial budget cuts that were sent during the weekend didn’t circulate well enough to fully inform all court personnel in the Bacolod Hall of Justice.

On the other hand, other employees of lower rank than the judge did not agree to support the proposal of the wearing of black yesterday at the Hall of Justice, Bacolod City, because they said the prevailing sentiments is only with regards to the judges’ salaries.

A court personnel disclosed, on account of anonymity, that while their salaries may not be that fat, judges in fact are receiving huge benefits equal to that of their salary, so that they are in fact receiving double, and more.

Although some personnel in the Hall of Justice were seen wearing black, most of them, when asked if they are joining the protest against the judicial budget cuts, said that they just happened to be wearing that color./


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