Monday, December 11

How TO Avoid Fraudulent "earn Online" Programs

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I have countless reasons to tag the internet as the best channel for generating extra income, however, it’s also a platform with the highest number of fraudulent programs, fraudulent in the sense that they decieve internet users to join and then they earn nothing in the long run, or they primarily extort money from them.

The known channels for generating extra income online inlcude content writing, data entry jobs, paid surveys, paid emails, paid to click, affiliate marketing and others. Apparently, paid mails, paid to click and paid survey programs seem to dominate the list in the number of “earn online” scam programs, data entry jobs should be included in the list too.

Nonetheless, there are a couple of ways to tell whether a site is a Scam site, my number one way is by using google, when you google the name of any site, you will get dozens of responses including links for payment proofs (in some cases) if the site in question is legitimate and has a good reputation of paying it’s members.

The other way is by visiting sites that probe such programs, for instance, PTC investigations is a site that checks the legitimacy of paid to click websites. It also has a list of genuine paid to click sites and scam paid to click sites.

For paid survey sites, we have survey police that probes any paid survey website. This site also provides a list of legitimate survey panels, their rankings and articles about surveys. In the case of data entry jobs and paid mails, there are no specific sites that probe into them but the best way to probe them could be probably by using google.

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