Friday, December 15

Three Reasons You Should Read The Articulate Executive: How to Look, Act, And Sound Like a Leader by Granville Toogood

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Reason one:  The Articulate Executive is practical.  Mr. Toogood has written this book is written so that virtually anyone can read it and come away with a solid foundation in communications skills.  The Articulate Executive is written in an easy to understand manner, and its principles are applicable in every setting.

Reason two:  The Articulate Executive is relevant to today’s business environment.  Although Mr. Toogood’s book was first published in 1996, The Articulate Executive is as relevant now as it ever has been. In today’s tough business environment, The Articulate Executive strongly articulates the relationship between communication skills and business success.

Reason three:  Anyone can practice the principles outlined in The Articulate Executive, today.  There is no requirement to take a public speaking course (although Mr. Toogood’s reference to Toastmasters inspired me to join a local Toastmasters club to improve my public speaking skills).  The only requirement is to take heed of Mr. Toogood’s principles and put them to everyday practice.

Short of a public speaking course, Granville Toogood’s The Articulate Executive is the best inexpensive resource for people to develop solid communication skills.  Mastering the lessons in The Articulate Executive is a good way for people to turn those communication skills into leadership skills necessary for today’s business environment.

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