Monday, December 18

Are You Thinking Of Home Schooling Your Kids?

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After the death of my son-in-law my grand-kids needed some time to deal with their loss, so my daughter decided to home school them for a couple of years.  She enrolled them in the K-12 program.  At first we didn’t know what to expect or how the program was going to work.

The first shipment of supplies included two computers and two printers, so we were delightfully surprised that they did not have to share anything!  We set them up and the next day they received boxes of wonderful supplies.  Each of them were sent all their curriculum text books, work books, along with many story books to read that pertained to their lessons.  The material was exceptional!

Being thrilled with all the books was only half of the surprise.  They were also each sent all their art supplies which included paints, pastels, and materials for all the art projects to be completed for the year.  No excuses for them not to enhance their talents!

When we started my granddaughter was having a hard time learning to read in public school, but with the phonics materials K-12 sent her she picked up on their method of teaching surprisingly quick and was reading well by the end of the first year!  We were so proud of her.  And more importantly she was proud of herself.  She now loves to read all kinds of story books on her own.

K-12 even sent many tools for easy, hands-on math learning.  She received counter blocks, geometry shapes, play money, a cardboard clock, a balance scale and several other tools that brought her math skills up.  There is no limit in what they can learn.

The science kit was awesome!  They received everything they needed for every science project for the year.  Seeds to plant. Magnets to learn by using them.  Simple tools like a pulley and scale.  Plus they each received rock collections to study!  Nothing was left out for them to excel and make learning Science fun.

I have only listed a few of the superb supplies that K-12 sent.  They include absolutely everything a child needs to advance in this program. 

After receiving all these supplies we were at a loss at first, wondering how we were going to teach them all these things!  But K-12 has that covered as well.  When the kids log into their daily courses there is a list of things that they are to accomplish for the day.  Everything is laid out for them and explained. They can spend as much time as they need on each subject till they learn it.

They each had their own teacher and logged in with her to study with some of the other home schooled kids!  Plus she spent one on one time with them in areas they were having problems with learning.  They were always cooperative with scheduling these one on one sessions which was so helpful with dealing with the kids.

I just can’t say enough about the high quality of teaching that K-12 provides.  While I realise home schooling is not for everyone and after a couple of years my grand-kids decided to go back to public school to be with their friends again.  But it is the perfect option for those who have a need to keep their kids home.

I rate K-12 Home Schooling  A++


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