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Dirty Text Messages You Can Use

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Dirty Text Messages That Turn Him On!

Did you know most women have no idea how to send a dirty text message? Most women have admitted not even knowing what dirty talk phrases their men would even want to hear.

Do you wonder what sort of dirty text messages to send your man? Do you apprehensively wonder what sort of phrase he would like to hear, or what will be acceptable?

Most women are understandably quite reserved when it comes to dirty talk. Those little innuendos they sometimes enjoy teasing their man with, or those raunchy phrases that can be whispered in his ear.

How would you like to know exactly what to say to your man to drive him wild?

I know exactly how most women feel about wanting to please their man, and wanting to be loved unconditionally.

Most importantly… all women wish to be appreciated!

Big problem that many women don’t recognize is the fact that men are visual thinkers and are thus stimulated the same way. This causes a man to want what they can see, and the whole concept of dirty talking to be avoided by their women. In spite of this, what most women don’t realize, is their man is stimulated very much so by dirty talking phrases that are moaned or whispered in just the right way.

A raunchy letter or dirty text message can get the motor revving when he’s at work just itching to come home to you, when done right. There are a few resources out there that will explain how to create this spicy scenario and improve your sex life, but I think that out of the few that exist, there are only a select 2 or 3 that really deliver dirty talk concepts well.

The correct way to send a dirty text message or whisper a raunchy innuendo into your lovers ear, so that it drives them crazy to be with you, is actually a pretty simple thing once you get the hang of it. At the right time and in the right way, you can provocatively drive your lover wild.

If you’re ready to spice up your marriage, or relationship with some fire and passion, then keep reading.

To be truly appreciated by your man, and to make him feel admired by you completely, the dirty little secret of dirty talking is the easiest way to create the anxious emotions of a man that can’t wait to get home to your loving arms and jump in bed with you!

Coincidentally, you’re probably wondering what makes up for a sexy text message?

Follow these 3 tips for some raunchy good clean fun with your partner, and start sending those dirty text messages, or writing those dirty love letters with confidence!

  • Simple Tip #1 – Consider your dirty text messages or dirty love letters, to be secrets that only the two of you share. By making your lover blush with anxious excitement, you will be sharing some secrets that only the two of you understand, which creates a deeper, healthier, and more loving intimacy between the two of you. This exciting and thrilling feeling will spice up just about ANY boring relationship.
  • Simple Tip #2 – When using your dirty talk phrases, you want to create the “visual thinking” that your man uses in his mind. A dirty text message should implant a sexual “image” that will trigger his lust for you almost immediately. Dirty text messages or dirty love letters can create this image very easily if you text or write as if he were there in front of you… just remember to be descriptive. The more the better!
  • Simple Tip #3 – Simply make your man the focus of your text. This works just as well for women too… but mainly for women that wish to send a dirty text message, you want to make your message turn him on and feel like you are admiring him and longing for him. Let him know how turned on you are thinking about him and you will also feel sexy and confident as well.
  • Simple Tip #4 – Try being descriptive and visual when you send your dirty text messages. Ponder over the things that turn you on about your partner, and think about the way they move, their body and their smell, the shape of their specific body parts, and the way they touch you, and how they feel to you. Be as descriptive as you can in short and simple texts.

By sending these kinds of dirty text messages to your lover, it will give you a response that you’d never expect to get almost guaranteed! You won’t believe how amazingly well a simple little thing such as dirty talk, can spice up a stale marriage or relationship!

They will be so distracted from thinking about those lustful and raunchy messages that you will literally drive him wild! You will have the absolute power of turning your lover on at will, that a single text will push them over the edge! You can have your partner so excited, so anxious, and so hot for you… well you get the picture!


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