Monday, December 11

Managing Your Diabetes

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          India, right now, has the dubious distinction of being the diabetic capital of the world, as it houses the maximum number of the diabetics in the world. More importantly, the average age of the onset of diabetes is coming down. The age of onset can now be even thirty years. The general belief that the disease will set in only after the age of forty five is no longer valid. However, it is this false notion which is responsible for the disease not getting detected in the beginning stages. Early detection is a very important part of diabetes management.

Controlling your weight      

         Most of the increase in the number of the diabetics the world over, is mainly due to the altered lifestyle including the food habits. The most important thing about the lifestyle diabetes is that it arises mainly from the gain in the body weight. When somebody gains weight, he becomes susceptible to the development of insulin resistant diabetes. Therefore it is important to monitor your weight on a regular basis. Your doctor can tell you what your weight should be, based on your age and height. Once your weight has increased by about five kilograms over the required weight, it is time to become alert. You may not become diabetic immediately. But you should understand that the chances of acquiring diabetes are very high and therefore, regular monitoring of your blood glucose levels is essential.

Do not Panic      

        When people get to know that they are diabetic, panic sets in. They think it is the end of the road. It definitely is not. First of all, one should understand that there is no cure for diabetes and that it is a chronic disorder. By proper dietary management and physical activities, the disease can be kept under control, without resorting to the drugs, especially in the beginning stages. It is important to understand why you are gaining weight. One gains weight because the calories spent through the physical activities, is less than the calories put into the body through the food consumption.

         It is important to understand that all the tissues in the body are not the same. The muscles are more efficient in consuming calories than the fatty tissues. Therefore it is important to have a healthy muscle to fat ratio in the body. This is possible only through some form of physical workout. The easiest way of doing this is through walking. The walking should be brisk and should last anything between forty five and sixty minutes. Walking regularly controls not only diabetes, but also drastically decreases the risk for diseases like the heart disease and hypertension.

 Look at things other than blood glucose

        Diabetes, hypertension and the heart disease are close friends and they tend to stick together. The acquiring of one of these could drastically increase the risk for the other two diseases. Therefore, it is necessary to look at the other parameters as well so that the risks for the other diseases also are minimised. For example,

  • Glycated haemoglobin should be less than seven percent.

  • BP should be below 130/80 mmHg

  • LDL cholesterol should be below 100 mg/dl

  • HDL cholesterol should be above 40 mgs/dl

One should remember that there is no such thing called uncontrollable diabetes.


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