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George W. Bush And His New Book

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George W. Bush and His New Book

George W. Bush is trying hard to rehabilitate his image. He has a new book out (I won’t say he wrote, for reasons that will become clear) and he has been appearing on TV talk shows. Some people will believe it and think he was a great President, but those people are still looking for weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. For the rest of us, his dishonesty in office continues.

As to the book, Bush is much too lazy to ever write a book on his own. He had “help”. Some parts of the book are actually lifted, word for word, from other sources. He reports his involvement in some conversations that actually took place between two other people. He undoubtedly cannot spell “plagiarism”, nor is it likely he knows what it means, but he really should have enlisted help from someone a bit more professional when it comes to the craft of writing. Stealing other people’s writing is completely unacceptable.

Some of his assertions in his bid to make himself look good are dubious. Others are just nonsense. In his book and in discussions with reporters, he claims that he wanted to return to Washington immediately when informed of the attack on September 11. He says his staff would not allow it. They “forced” him to conceal his whereabouts. He says the most important thing at that time was the continuity of government. This means he was willing to leave the nation with nobody in charge as long as he, personally, was protected. He was the President of the United States.  His staff cannot “override” him. If he gives an order, it is an order.

He reiterates his claims about the weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, claiming that not just U.S. intelligence agencies, but others all over the world, were certain Iraq was hiding large stocks of WMD.  He says he is really disappointed and puzzled that none were found. It is true that the consensus in many intelligence agencies was that Iraq still had stockpiles of WMD. They had good reason to believe that, especially in the U.S. , because much of Iraq’s arsenal of WMD had been provided by the U.S. It had not all been used and therefore there had to be more somewhere. It is not true, however, that that opinion was universal. Many in the intelligence community, including a significant number of experienced operatives in the U.S, believed that Iraq had little in the way of WMD, and all agreed there was no way those weapons could be used against us. There were UN inspectors searching all over the country. They did not find any because there were none.

He also attempts to justify the use of torture. Torture is not just morally and ethically wrong, it is illegal. Ask anybody who has ever been subjected to waterboarding if it constitutes torture and they will all say it is definitely torture.

This book is an attempt to burnish the Bush image. It just does not work. He steals other people’s words, describes scenes he witnessed when he was not there, ignores the evidence of the bad decisions he made, claims to have tried to do a lot to bolster the economy (he says Congress blocked him; a Congress he completely owned), and in general demonstrates that he is still as clueless and out of touch with reality as he was in the White House.


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