Saturday, December 16

Facebook Receives Face Lift! be The First to Activate Your New Profile Here!

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With over 500 Million plus users, Facebook rolls out major changes to your profiles, making more information about you more accessible and enhances more visual aspects to the page it self. 

In a blog post Sunday, Facebook  announced that the changes are meant to make it easier for users to tell their story, who they are, where they work, their life philosophy and most important friends. 

The the changes capture more of a visual and emphasize more on who you are, and includes a new biography section. This area  will feature not just feature who you are and where you live but will also show the most recent tagged photos of you tagged by friends.  You can now customize which friends appear on your profile, opposed to the previous random selection. As well, in the biography section, users can post their achievements and awards earned at work and other places of origin. Even though Facebook has released many new changes, their privacy policies remain the same.

Facebook announced the changes on on 60 minutes and indicated that the changes will take effect over the next few weeks. However, by clicking here you can activate the changes right away and start using the new Facebook!

ACTIVATE NEW PROFILE NOW– CLICK HERE ( you must be logged into Facebook to complete this step)


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