Saturday, December 16

Social City Tips (Getting Free Items)

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Here are a few tips in getting free items from the  game.   On the top panel of the game window you can see the button  “Get City Bucks”  One of the top listings offered you will see the Crowd Flower ICON.  Its write up says that it helps people connect with human intelligence.  You complete tasks that are easy for humans to do, but hard for machines… It also says to complete tasks no credit card is needed.

You will get 2 City Bucks for every completed task.   Most of the tasks are very tedious, and as it says it’ll take approximately 30 minutes to finish.  There are no short cuts but it really beats paying playdom a lot of money for items that are totally useless in real life.

You can also avail of free items given by sponsors and other playdom facebook applications too.

Here is a list of free Items I got this past year.  (ever since I started paying attention to their news updates) 

Track oval –  make it to Level 5 playing ESPN U application.

Shopping Mall – make it to Level 5 playing Market Street

Colliseum – make it to Level 5 playing my Empire

Honda Car Dealer Ship –  Click on the video posted on the news and after viewing it automatically sends it to your storage.

I hope this few tips helps you in making your “Social City” look nicer just in case you don’t read the updates. 

I have not spent a single credit card dollar in my Social City.


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