Thursday, December 14

Sonja, Ready to Get The Rnb Party Started

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The rnb music scene is one big party.   Never before has it been more alive and vibrant.  It’s an eclectic mix of personalities.  There’s the life of the party, the scene-stealers, the elite, and not to mention, the gatecrashers.  All aimed at the prize of clinching the limelight. 

DMS Entertainment is an independent music label that is currently brewing in the rnb and hip-hop circuit.  This music label is aware that it’s not enough to join the party; they’ve got to steal the show!  They’re slowly but surely pulling the curtains up, unveiling its latest talent discovery, SONJA. 

Sonja was born in Germany, but her family moved and raised her in Toa Baja, Puerto Rico.  Sonja’s mother initially saw a reluctant star who always chose sports over the arts during her childhood.  Her family intentionally exposed her to artistic endeavors, yet Sonja prioritized swimming, volleyball, karate, and other sports-related activities.  Oblivious to anyone, Sonja was already crafting dance moves and singing-along to every song of Pink and The Spice Girls, with only her bedroom mirror as witness.  After school, she would secretly sneak-up to her room and practice for hours, perfecting every dance move and singing her heart out.

At the early age of 15,  Sonja was already a professional dancer.  Performance  on big stages like the Madison Square Garden in New York City and international touring with the likes of reggaeton pioneer and hit maker Daddy Yankee, were Sonja’s playground.  Her family relocated to Miami, Florida in support of her dreams to conquer the stage.  The journey hasn’t been easy for Sonja.  Juggling day jobs and dance gigs could take a toll sometimes, but Sonja was unfazed.  When she honed her singing skills, she became part of a girl group.  An audition as a dancer in a music video spelled out destiny for Sonja.  DMS Entertainment spotted her right on the bat with her sassy demeanor, the x-factor emanating from her looks, her vocals chops, and dance grooves.    After a few test studio sessions,  MASE offered her a record deal…yet, not quite.  Sonja was unexpectedly chosen to be part of another girl group called S4U that brought her packing her bags to Paris, France.  

Well, the gods of rnb must’ve caused another twist of fate in Sonja’s calling.  She ends up back in Miami with a resolute decision to pursue a solo career.  DMS Entertainment was determined more than ever to take her under its wings.  Hours of studio sessions, vocal coaching, photo sessions…and the works.  DMS will pull all the stops for this amazing young star! 


Sonja excitedly shares these moments via her Twitter.  “In the car right now on my way to the studio with @MaseDmsgonna make some magic!”


MASE, producer and founder DMS Entertainment, is a hands-on master that anytime the spotlight turns on to SONJA, she’s dressed for success and ready to bring the house down!


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