Thursday, December 14

Bukisa Versus Helium

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Bukisa and Helium are two sites that offer you royalties as a writer, to publish your content on their sites. The website Helium, is a low-decent paying site that pays for views and ad clicks. While Bukisa is a decent paying site that pays around $3-4USD/1000 unique page views, which is a decent number! 

Bukisa versus Helium, in standards, freedom, payment, and activity – I’d have to say, Bukisa tops most of these criteria. Although Helium has a decent-high standard of works on their website, their payment levels on averse are very low, although – as you continue to post articles, all those cents turn in to big dollars over time.

When it comes to freedom to choose in your content, I’d have to say – Bukisa wins this one too. On Helium, they encourage multiple articles under similar, or same titles. Yet on Bukisa, you can choose whatever title you’d like.

Experience? I don’t have much experience with either, I’ve been a mber of Helium for 2 and some days, I submitted 6 articles, and I’ve made $0.01. Which is good compared to the $0 of Bukisa, because they’ve put all 8 of my articles under editorial, which I understand takes 1-3 days. But we’ll have to see what the outcome of 2 days of published articles bring from Bukisa, I have heard promising reviews! 

In my eyes, right now, I think Bukisa will end up a better site overall, and for payments.


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