Tuesday, December 12

Facebook New Profile

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Facebook New Profile Page

Today Internet trends. Millions of facebook users might wonder what happen to Facebook profile page design.

Facebook will change it profile Pages.

The new look of Facebook profile page is clean and easy to navigate.

The Differences between old profile page and new profile page.

The new profile page features with a short Basic information of your profile such as address, current city and languages you speak. And this way it is better to learn about the person. Profiles pages now include a row of newly tagged photos of you.

Also the New Facebook Profile page has a television broadcast that can be found at the bottom of the page

New Profile Page you can share experiences and it will gives you the option to link you experiences, activities, hobbies, sports, travel and addictions to your friends which same experiences.

You can Discover Common Interest by showcase the things like and link it with your friends who share common interest such as, musics, food, movies, books, sports, travels, cars, gadget and more. The top interest will appear.

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