Friday, December 15

Art And Fashion And Teenagers

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Fashion can be very well considered a form of art as through it one can express your feelings and your personality. But how can a teenage girl decide what is best for her to wear? And for that matter how can older women do it?

This actually depends on a number of things starting with the personal style, favorite materials, patterns and colors and last but not least the budget. Every one of these things is very important and not to be taken lightly. When you are young it is particularly difficult to decide what are the clothes that best suit you and what you should wear and when. However, you may receive a helping hand from your mother or at least from the multitude of fashion blogs, magazines and TV shows.

One of the basic things that every young girl should learn is that there are some rules to clothes combining. For instance, the three color rule: try to create outfits that have three basic colors; five or more colors will only make you look like a parrot. Also, combining patters like a zebra print with a leopard print will only make you look silly.

Also, there are some basic clothing items that every woman should have in their wardrobe. For instance, some with shirts, a blazer, a pair of jeans and some high heel shoes can help you combine and create some great outfits. Of course, some teenage girls are luckier and they figure out their style faster than others. For instance, Jane Aldridge (Sea of shoes blog) is one of these girls. She not only has a great fashion taste but has learned how to make a profit from it.

Fashion is something relative that depends greatly on the above mentioned factors. One should not consider that fashion trends are written in stone especially when they change from season to season. This is why it would be better to only choose the clothes that make you feel better and only consider the trends as mere guidelines.


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