Friday, December 15

Top 10 And Best Unusual Gifts – List of

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You knowEtsy?This is a community site for buying and selling handmade products.A kind of eBay, but with pretty unique, ethical, fun and vintage.And amidst all these creations, there are a few beads, which here is a selection for most of you geeks.

  1. The cap-beard: incongnito out.Or stay home and see if the beard suits you.
  2. The snow white sticker to the back of a MacBook: I so wanted to invent it.
  3. Mario sticker to stick on his car: do not rely on an excuse of mushrooms when arrested for speeding.
  4. The external hard drive (NES tetris): Surely you combine this with your mouse pad and your pacman zelda wallpaper
  5. The cushion decoration: that Ms. knows where she has just arrived
  6. Dock iPhone wood: for the contrast
  7. The clock drive: the amount of gigabytes is not specified because it is not a hard drive.It is a clock that looks like a hard drive actually
  8. The hair clip Pac-Man: Madam because she also wants to know that she knows how to use a computer.And prove that it knows even play pacman
  9. The Apple logo sticker retro: history to remember a time when Apple was really ‘think different
  10. Agenda / floppy: not to forget there was a time where we would have needed 300 floppy disks to watch the latest episode of Big Bang Theor

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