Friday, December 15

Maintaining a Great Relationship Tips And Advice

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In a relationship whether you have been married or just in your getting to know the “four season’s” of your partner there are always highlights and downfalls that both of you will encounter. We can say that not everybody has a perfect relationship and even a very stable or good relationship can turn out bad due to the expectations are met which turns out to be boring.

Here are some fifteen tips that are effective and can make your relationships healthier.

1. Love each other – bring out the best by not just saying “I Love you”, remember actions speak louder than words.

2. Don’t Lie – White lies or true lies is it still a lie and it’s kind of betrayal or a cheat.
3. Keep communication open – Open your ears by being a emphatic listener and/or any means of communication will do.
4. Stay sweet – simple gestures that you can give to your partner such as compliments, etc.
5. When you get hurt, just forgive and forget – The must hard to do especially everything is jeopardize but always forgive and give a chance.
6. Never talk about break-ups – Of course, self-explained never do this and never will.
7. Never say Its Okay even when it’s not – remember tip no. 2 don’t lie.
8. Forget about Pride – One of the destroyers and get rid of this in a relationship.
9. If you say sorry meant it – You need to be sorry for real.
10. Don’t compare your past to your present – Surely you must forget the past and concentrate what you can do right now for both of you to be happy.
11. Don’t talk about your stupid Ex’s – Definitely you shouldn’t talk about the past with regards to your ex’s mishalfs and heartbreaks.
12. Give and take process – When your partner is turning his/her back on you try to comfort back.
13. Beware of his/her feelings – Just know what his/her feelings and ask, but remember tip no. 3.
14. When you have fights don’t let a day pass – This is true never let arguments remain unsettled.
15. Don’t be perfect, be the right one – Simple yet very effective try to improve yourselves through good communication and for the wellness of the relationship so that both of you can understand eachother as a person.


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