Monday, December 18

No Rice Diet

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I’m 6 feet tall and over 200 lbs.  When I was younger I used to average around 160 lbs. Then last two years ago around 180 lbs.   Now with my busy schedule and lots of buffet meals and midnight snacks while lazing over the couch while watching tv  and lots of beer chugging over the years I have accumulated a  sizeable belly enough for everybody to notice that I’ve gained a lot of weight over the years.  I propose to myself to relive my No Rice Diet and lifestyle 3 months life style plan.

Here are my Guidelines

1. Definitely No Rice at any time.  (for the first month you can a little bit anything below 1 cup of rice)

2.  Avoid Chocolates, Soft Drinks, Pastries, and Junk Food

3.  Eat Bland food.  (anything steamed boiled etc.)  go easy on any sauce or salt

4.  Exercise a lot.  Cardio activities like jogging, biking, Tae bo or whatever exercise you can think of.  When working out try to avoid heavy lifting. Concentrate on more repetitions.  Work on your core, with the help of new gym equipment  like medicine balls and TRX suspension training systems you will go a long way.

5.  NO BEER!!!! 

6.  Eat but do not get full.  Eat as much as you like but never fill up your belly to do point that you feel sleepy.

7. No Buffets!!!!

This worked for me  3 years ago  in 3 months time from 185 lbs.  to 155 lbs. 

Not that am older  from 210 lbs to 198 lbs to  204 lbs to 201 lbs and now as I write I haven’t gone to the gym.  I haven’t checked my weight.  I’ve been eating rice again and have to repeat the whole thing again.  

On a good note,  If I didn’t decide to work out three months ago I would have weighed more than 215 lbs by now.


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