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Christmas Tree Decorating Tips, Ideas And Themes

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Over few decade, Christmas tree decoration had been emphasized during the festival season. Your house definitely lack of something without Christmas tree in place. Have you decorated a Christmas tree before? If you bored on those same old ornament decoration style, you can read on below which shared some new, fresh, and creative Christmas tree decorating themes and ideas that you may find it useful for references.

Christmas Tree Decoration Themes

If you tired and bored with those same old ornaments Christmas tree decoration every year then properly you can think out of the boxes with something different this year. Check out below some inventive and cool Christmas tree decorating themes that you can try on.

Tie your Christmas tree with flower– If you kind of person who don’t like white or snowy base Christmas tree then you can try to put some colorful flower (real or fake is ok) on your tree. It will look differently and boost up the holiday environment with joyful of color like red roses or yellow tulip.

Dollar Bill Origami Have you ever think of decorating Christmas tree with one dollar bill? You can folding different kinds of shape such as heart, Christmas Wrenth, star and more using only one dollar bill. Learn how to make a Cracker, Christmas tree, candy cane, Stocking, Presents, Star, snowflake and more.

Love on the sky – Christmas is a season of sharing and love. If you’re just married couple who stay together, may be can consider to decorate your tree with kisses, love, Jupiter, lips and other red “I love you” quote objects. Make it as a mixture of Valentine day and Christmas. Don’t forget to put some sweet and memorable photos on the tree as well.

Beach Party – If you still can’t forget about sunshine in this winter holiday, you can decorate your Christmas tree for beach theme. You can put a surf board beside the tree, get some seashells, white sand, pelicans and fish toy served as Christmas ornaments. You can even hang your bikini on the tree too.

My Idol On The Tree – Decorate Christmas tree with your idol as served as themes. Example, you can get JustinBieber Christmas ornaments, decorations and Christmas stocking hang on your tree. There are Justin Bieber glass ornaments, porcelain ornaments and fiber glass ornament available on Amazon . You can even personalized the Justin Bieber Ornament with your personal message. This Justin Bieber Christmas Ornaments are great for any Justin Bieber fans so they can decorate their Christmas tree with their favorite singer.

Cartoon Character – Decorate your Christmas tree with your favorite cartoon character Ornament such as Scooby Doo, Simpson, Ben 10, Spongbob, Betty Boop and more.

Tips On Choosing Christmas Tree Themes

There are some tips on how to choose and trimming your Christmas tree decoration themes. 

  • Alway emphasize in color scheme. If you need to decorate your tree in classic way then find something golden color with it match perfectly with white light.

  • Try to get mixture of sizes, shapes and textures of ornament, so you have more choices whether you need to stay with trendy or classic look.

  • You can add a floral element with fake white poinsettias and hydrangeas to create a more interesting look.

  • To can spray snow to add a fresh, frosty and snowy feel on the tree. 

  • To add extra sparkle to your tree, you can use two different sizes of white lights.

Try to get one basic themes that you wish to decorate. Stick with the themes and find the subtable color scheme that can really set off the tree. Don’t choose too many color, only few colors and white lights can get the job done with the elegant looking Christmas trees.

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