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How To Fold Dollar Bill Origami For Christmas Tree Decorating

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What can you do with your one dollar bill? Can you get a plane, a shirt or a ring with one dollar bill? Keep on reading to show you what you can do with it beside buying thing. Japanese creatively created origami art in 17th century, now they even use dollar bill for origami. Dollar bill origami is variation common compare with normal typing paper origami because it easy to get. Any currency of bill can do the trick, you can spent hours to get entertained with origami art until you get a hold on your dollar bill. Dollar bill origami instruction is difficult to describe in writing or words, a video worth than a thousand words. Checkout below step by step video on how to make a creative origami with a dollar bills.

Make A Dollar Bill Christmas Wreath

Have you ever think of decorating Christmas tree with something special except those bored old boxes or soft toy bought from shop? Well, you can start with folding a Christmas Wreath with a one dollar bill. You just a dollar bill to build up one of the sharp angle then combine them together. You properly need 10-12 pieces of one dollar bill in order to build a complete Christmas wreath.

Dollar Bill Heart Shape Origami

You can gift your love one something special except those money buying stuff. Try something handmade like fold a heart shape from a dollar bill. It not difficult to make a heart origami from a dollar bill. I bet she will be surprise and beg you to teach her how you make it.

4 Points Star Shape Money Origami

Tools that you need to prepare: 2 pieces of one dollar bill and your hands. Follow the instruction on the video. Basically, you need to make them in same shape and sizes and in the end join them into a 4 pointed star. You can decorate this year Christmas tree with this star shape origami or you can keep them in your wallet.

How To Make A Dollar Bill Origami Ring

Can’t afford to build a bling bling ring then make it one yourself with only one dollar. Beside fold money into star, animal, plane, or t-shirt, you can also make accessories with dollar bill origami. You can make different picture displayed front of the ring depend of the dollar bill value you select. Besides above, you can use dollar bill to fold a Cracker, Christmas tree, candy cane, Stocking, Presents, Star, snowflake and more…

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