Friday, December 15

Are You Searching For Best Laptops

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Okay, I keep saying I’m going to buy my first ever laptop, only to keep putting it off.  Mac, notebook, Dell, I mean there are far too many to choose from, far too many options; I’m no techie so when the difference comes down to mega bytes and whatchamacallits, my mind sort of begins to tune out and then once again I put off searching again.  After all, my desktop works just fine, yes, I can’t take it out, but it just gives me the excuse to stay in writing, reading, etc; things I love doing more than just about anything else in the world.

But, today, I decided to do a little more research.  About two months ago, despite all the things I’ve heard: “The Mac’s just a designer overpriced laptop” to “Notebooks are perfect if you just want to use it for the basics” (whatever that means exactly – because what if “the basics” mean I don’t get certain things that I get on my current desktop?) – I almost bought a Mac; almost.

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So today I googled “Best Laptops” and here’s what I came up with from a CNET review:

Now, I feel much better that despite everything I’ve heard about Mac’s the good and the bad that they’ve made the number place on CNET’s review of laptops.  It looks like the particular line that’s crème of the crop according to their standards is the Apple MacBook Pro Spring 2010 and it’ll cost you approximately 2K.

Next on the list is Toshiba’s Portege R series.  It’s a little smaller than the 15 inch MacBook being 13 inches, but I’ve been told that Toshiba’s are quite reliable.

Hewlett Packard makes the list with their Envy 17 laptop that will cost you about $1,300’s.  I guess, part of the decision making process has to do with how much you’re willing to pay versus the “extras” you can get.  Realizing that some of these other laptops are only a little bit less than the Mac, makes me think that I’ll eventually break down and purchase a Mac. 

Personally, I love Samsung, I think it’s because I’ve been a loyal sprint customer using Samsung cellphones and being ethnically Korean =)  Yes, we all choose what we purchase for our own silly reasons at times, I can admit, in some small ways it makes me feel good purchasing a Korean product.  According to the write up, the Samsung QX410-J01 is comparable to high-end laptops for only a fraction of the price $800.  You see why this process is so difficult?  Now, I’m leaning toward this model!

And, last but not least, Dell made the list.  Working around many techies in my day-job that pays the bills (while pursuing my writing dreams), who live and breathe the technology world, I’ve been told that Dell’s are the mack trucks of computer products.  I’ve been told they last, they’re durable and they love them because they’re not all spruced up with extra visual features that are unnecessary to the overall performance and functioning of a laptop.  It makes you pause and think about why you choose what you choose and how important some “designer-type” features are.  Either way, the Dell XPS15 at about $850’s makes the list.

I thought this would help me, but I’m right back where I was again.  When you can see the pros and cons of all sides, you no longer know what to choose.  It makes me wonder how I’ve been able to purchase anything – haha! 

Is there anyone who can help me make a solid decision?!  What’s your experience been with the best laptops on the market?  I’d love to know!


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