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How to Clone a Plant

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Taking a clipping of a plant to create a starter is not anything new. People have been doing it for years with house plants of every kind. I remember my Grandmother and Mom taking cuttings and putting them in a glass, fill it with water and place it in the window sill. They would change out the water every week till there was a root, put in some dirt and give it to someone as a gift.

If you are looking for a great in-expensive gift a plant in a cute pot with a bow around it is something from your heart. Also i think plants are a great gift because the fact is you get to see them when you visit. Not only that every time your friend or family looks at it or when they are watering it, they will think of you. Plants bring life to us all. 

Not all plants are as easy as some vine house plants to get to root. Depending on your conditions, humidity and temperature, a plant can take root from 7 to 20 days. As a plant is attempting to take root it will use up energy from the leaves. Some of the larger leaves may turn yellow and look as though they are dieing. Just leave them alone and let them do their job. By the time the leaf looks dead you should have a root started.

There other sophisticated ways to clone and get great results. One I have discovered is Aeroponics. Moving water and air are two great ways to keep the water healthy but also to get the air to the plant through the water keeps the plant healthier. A little water heater made for an aquarium keeps the water at a great temperature to assure fast rooting. So when you have that one tomato plant that grew well for you, you can reproduce the same plant. In matter of fact you can take clippings and create more than one of the same plant. Just Imagine having fresh tomato’s growing in the middle of winter, it grows like a vine you know.

Where to cut. When choosing a top of the plant it has to be green. If the plant stem is stiff or woody you do not want to cut there, so look for flexible green in the stem area and locate a place to cut right below node where a new leaf is at. I have used scissors and razor blades to take my cuttings and have had success with both. Next you will want to cut off the new leaf at the bottom of your cutting by cutting a 45 degree angle right on the node making sure all the vegetation of the leaf you cut off is no longer there.

I then use a rooting substance I purchased by dipping the newly cut plant end into it, shaking it off and putting it into the water or grow medium. There are all sorts of ways to get roots to grow, but I have had best success using Aeroponics where the environment is best controlled.

In this day and age, learning to grow and becoming a farmer to produce your own food could save you tons of money but make yourself sustainable on your own means, now wouldn’t that be cool? Grow your Own and Save!


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