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Promoting Website in an Easy Way

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You have a product but in order to sell it you need to showcase your product. Similarly your website needs to be promoted in order to showcase them to the target group. Take an example – you search on google for laptop providers and you see about 3,890,000 results. So how many pages will you look from these results? At the highest level 5 or 10 pages. So in order to showcase your website in those top pages you need to optimize your website. There are many things that need to be taken care in order to get your website indexed in the top 5 pages or so.

  1. Link Building – It means getting your sites listed with other related websites. This is mainly done by both the parties. So you need to mention the other party link on your site and the other party in return will mention your link on their site. You need to make sure that you exchange links with the sites that have good page rank, greater than 4, and should not be your competitors. Check the page rank at You can add on the sites that are related to your industry but not your competitors.

  2. Article promotion –Write articles related to your industry and submit them to article submission directories. You can submit articles for free. At the end of the article you can mention your website address in the resource box. Resource box is the brief profile of the author and mentioning the links is allowed there.

  3. Submitting to search engines – Submit your site to different search engines like google, yahoo, etc.

  4. Meta tags – Meta tags are tags that give information about your website. Though there are various meta tags but the most important ones are title, description and keyword tags. These tags give information to search engine about your website.

  5. Keywords – Think of all the relevant keywords a user can type in order to search the product/service mentioned on your website and put them in keyword meta tags.

  6. Press releases – Whenever you launch any new product/service let users know about the same. There are various free press release submission site where one can submit the press release.

  7. Become an online expert in your field- Use your expertise to become an expert in your field and promote your Web site for free. Sign up for Yahoo Answers ( or Google Answers ( and answer questions asked by online visitors. You can mention your link in the signature and that will go with every reply

  8. Signatures – Mention your company name, website and contact details in the email signatures.

  9. Social Networking – Social networking sites are a great tool to promote your website. There are various social networking websites such as,,,, etc. You can create your company page in facebook and you can create a buzz of any update at Mention about your company name, website in your social networking profile. Participate in online discussion, forums, etc related to your industry.

  10. Proper Navigation – Make your site navigation in such a way that user should know where he/she is on your website.

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