Saturday, December 16

Alien And Ufo

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Monday was a banner day for Ufology, as a number of former Air Force personnel made their appointed rounds, and testified at the National Press Club. They revealed publicly that a number of America’s air bases with nuclear capability have been visited by UFOs.

These types of opportunites rarely arise, and the testimony is the hot topic at all UFO-related web sites, blogs, etc. Check out some of the testimony on video at Shocking Revelations, and Former Air Force Personnel: UFO at Nuclear Sites. Of course, we would appreciate any comments you might have on these two videos.

You have probably heard about the controversy over WikiLeaks. Director Julian Assange has really been on the hot seat lately, as his company, known for releasing sensitive documents, is promising to make public more of the same.

Many people are afraid the upcoming release will cause embarrassment, and even danger for world governments, and possibly compromise behind-the-scenes dealings between countries.

In a recent online question and answer session, Assange was asked if any of the documents yet to be released have info on UFOs. His confirmed that they did, but did not promise that UFO-related material will be released any time soon.

Do you think that the release of these documents should be stopped? Are there secrets that the general public should not be privy to?


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