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Know-How About Domain – Iii

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The article is in continuation to Know-How about Domain – II. The previous article discussed about how to register a domain name, how to see your domain expiry date, sub domains, domain renewal and domain parking. Now this article will talk about the step ahead.

Domain privacy

It is useful when you don’t want to disclose to others that you own a particular domain and want to protect your personal information. Investing in domain privacy can guard domain owners against spammers and identity thieves and unwanted marketing efforts. Domain privacy protects domain owners from having their real names, addresses and other contact information displayed publicly, so webmasters can enjoy peace of mind while running their websites.

Domain transfer

It means transferring your domain from one service provider to another service provider. There are two types of registry – PDR (Public domain registry), NPDR (Non public domain registry). In order to transfer a domain from PDR to PDR domain control panel is required whereas to transfer a domain from NPDR to PDR a transfer secret code/ APP code/authorizer code is required.

Essential requirement for domain transfer:

  • For transferring domain from NPDR to PDR it should be done 15 days prior to expiry date.

  • For transferring domain from PDR to PDR it should be done 5 days prior to expiry date.

Add-On Domains

It means an additional domain. For example: You have two domains and and you want the two domains to be totally separate/independent websites. Here is an add-on domain.

Domain locking

Domain locking is the process of providing an additional layer of security to domain names in order to prevent unauthorized activities. This is a procedure which will prevent another person from tampering with and modifying the information in your domain. Domain locking rules out the possibility of accidental transfers, and thereby offers you a higher degree of protection. 

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