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Know-How About Domain – II

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The article is in continuation to Know-How about Domain – I. The previous article discuss about defining domain name and how to choose a domain name. Now this article will talk about the step ahead.

How to register a domain name?

  1. Choose your domain/website name and the desired extension (.com/.net/.in/.au)

  2. Check the availability of your domain name at any domain availability search tool (

  3. Get your domain booked with reliable domain provider/registrar.

How to see your domain expiry date?

  1. Enter your domain name ( at
  2. It will show whole information regarding that domain name including expiration date

What are sub domains?

A sub domain is a domain that is part of a larger domain. For example: a sub domain of main domain

Domain Renewal

As we renew many of our services on yearly/monthly basis. Similarly domain has to be renewed on their expiration. You can book a particular domain name for a year or any number of years you wish of. As that time passes you can renew the domain with the same provider or you can change your domain provider too.

Domain Parking

In domain parking, whenever a customer’s website is under construction then in that case a domain is parked. It is the common practice by hosting or domain registration companies to put their logo and link until the site is up.

Domain Forwarding

It is useful when you want your multiple domains/websites to direct at a single domain/website.

Let’s take an example: You have domains –,, and you want all of them to direct at It means when people type, he/she will automatically gets directed to after setting domain parking.

Check out Know-How about Domain – III to know more about other domain related terms.

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