Friday, December 15

Brown Diamonds: They Are For Ever

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As they say white diamonds are cool like snow, the brown diamonds are hot real hot. The brown variety of diamonds have the attraction of golden shades those touch the inner walls of heart of the lover of diamonds and jewelry  as compared to colorless white diamonds. And to add to the beauty the, jewelry with these neutral colored diamonds provide them with a unique splendor that make them more precious.

Brown diamonds are very popular among the ladies with lots of creativity, attractive and have a poetic view towards the life, with different life styles are more affectionate in nature and love their belongings.

The Brown diamonds look beautiful on people with all tones of skins as they have so many of their own that every skin finds in them some thing matching and some thing with contrast. And those make them all the more attractive, and make a style statement of the bearer of these unique colored diamonds.

In fact the brown diamond is doing very well with elite class along with black diamonds as the brown is providing a positive change from the conventional white diamonds and looking a lot more gorgeous as this looks so classy and rich and gives a lot of options and  variations for a positive change in jewelry designing.

About These Diamonds- Mainly these diamonds are found in Australia, Russia and Africa, and among the first of the brown diamond producer is a diamond mine in Australia, the biggest of them all and this mine is known for some other colored diamonds like yellow, blue, orange, red purple and pink also.

The grading systems for brown diamonds are also the same as are in white diamonds, depending upon their clarity, cut and shades as per the universal standards in diamonds is concerned.

Brown Diamonds are available in grades and shades and they are classified –

C1 and C2-             The Champaign

C3 and C4               Medium Champaign

C5 and C6               Dark Champaign

C7                            Fancy Cognac  

The biggest of them all-The biggest brown diamond in the world is “Golden jubilee”, this brown diamond was presented to king of Thailand on the occasion of the celebrations as his 50th year as the king, this 545 caret brown diamond is a Dark Champaign class and took the producers almost three years to polish it.

May be some of the more conventional types or middle class are not yet ready to accept them as they accept the more common white diamonds but the creative, classy, elite and people with a taste for the different have gone for them in a big way, after all “the diamond is for ever.   


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