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Could I Have a Urinary Tract Infection?

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Some women develop urinary tract infections as common incidences. The bacterium that causes UTI (urinary tract infection) is ten times more prevalent in women than in men according to The University of Maryland Medical Center.

UTI infections can mimic other disorders which cause patients to delay seeking medical treatment for the UTI. Women should pay very close notice to any signs or symptoms early to prevent a more serious condition from occurring.

If you have a severe UTI, you develop fever and chills. This may be mistaken as a cold or the flu by many. You will try to treat the symptoms with over the counter cold or flu medicines allowing the infection time to worsen.

A worsening UTI leads to infections of other organs such as the bladder or kidneys and you may need to be hospitalized to receive proper treatment.

There are several signs of a UTI. A strong or foul odor to your urine will take place. This is usually the first sign of the infection. It’s typically strongest in the morning when urination occurs. As the day progresses it may be less foul but noticeable to some women. The urine will more often than not seem darker than normal or cloudy.

The worst symptom is feeling the need to urinate often which escalates as the UTI worsens to a feeling of urgency. When you do urinate only a small amount will expel. There is usually pain and pressure in your bladder. The bladder pain is in the front lower half of your stomach. The urgency and frequency can become so bad that you will urinate on yourself. You have a feeling of losing control of your bladder.

You can experience pain during sex. The act of sex itself causes the penis to rub a woman’s urethra causing more irritation to the area already filled with pain and inflamed.

Because the urethra is inflamed you may feel extreme pain with urination as the infection progresses.

If you see any blood in your urine, seek medical attention immediately.

If your UTI is caught and treated early, you will usually be given two medications. One medication is given to alleviate the pain during urination and another, an antibiotic to cure the infection.


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