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Online Earning Get Paid to Write Articles

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There are sites which allow you to write for them and retain the copyrights of the articles. You have to just write articles and submit it to the sites; they will review your article and publish it on their site. Anyone can write for them as long as the articles have no grammatical mistakes and other offensive materials. The top three sites to start are triond, bukisa and wikinut. The main advantage with these sites is that they accept articles on almost all categories. Earning is based on the number of views your article gets.

TRIOND-This site has very low payout of 0.50$ which is so user friendly. They pay by PayPal and they accept articles, recipes, poem and stories. Their only requirement is that the articles submitted by you should not be published elsewhere before. After they publish your article you can now publish it elsewhere.

BUKISA– This site has a payout of 10$ and they accept articles on vast categories. Here earning is little higher than triond. One good thing about this site is that you can publish articles which are published before on net as long as you have the copyrights of the articles. To join bukisa click here

WIKINUT– This site is same as bukisa but they pay in pounds. Here earning per view is less but you get more views automatically. To join wikinut click here

TIP– to earn more by writing less articles you can use this method. First submit your article on triond after they publish your article then submit the same article to bukisa and wikinut. But don’t do vice-versa. This works because bukisa and wikinut allow you to submit articles which are published before on net.

 I have written a series of articles on online earning which explains most of the ways of online earning. This is part4 of the series to know more you can read other part of the series here- part1, part2, part3, part5, part6.


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