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How To Tune Up Your PC or Laptop?

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We all know that buying and installing additional software in our computer can just add up space, and some of this softwares are already in our computer, we just don’t know where it is located.  However, with this guide you can tune up, optimize your PC or laptop for free by just using a software that is already installed in your computer.  Windows has provide us with all the necessary things that we need in order to tune up, optimize your pc or laptop.

Taking time and effort in optimizing and tuning up your Pc and laptop can be rewarding later on.  Learn this step by step guide in order that your Pc or laptop is always fresh as new.

Step 1:

Is cleaning up those unwanted programs.  We install and we uninstall a lot of things in our computer, sometimes we forgot what has been installed and what has been staying there for a very long time, occupying space and a lot of memory space.


Step 2:

After deleting those unwanted programs, you will now clean your internet history and other unecessary logs in your computer to refrain from accumulation of viruses and spywares that your computer has been recording when you keep on browsing


Step 3:

After you have deleted all those things that are no longer needed it is time to return all the files used to the library, in order that your computer can easily find your files the next time you needed it.  You can do this by defragmenting your hard drive.


Step 4:

Once you have returned your files to where it should be, it is now time to clean your library or your hard disk drive from errors it might have incured. By scanning your disk for errors and fix them.


With this methods it is very sure that your computer will gain space and it will speed up your PC and Laptop back to its original state. There is one last thing you can do, which is cleaning the windows registry errors but in order to do this, you have to install a free software.  CLICK HERE

This is the only method in which you can speed up your PC or laptop by tuning it up.  At least do this once a month or once every 2 month in order to maintain a good running PC or laptop.


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