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Leadership Melbourne – Energy

There are many different forms of energy. You can get energy from exercise, positive energy for doing something you enjoy, or having someone complement you on something you did. Laughter is an enjoyment form of energy. Today I am going to be writing mainly about food energy.

When most of us are feeling a little tired or exhausted. We look for something easy something quick to energize us. So often we will go for something that is high carbohydrate, something source of food energy that has a lot of sugars in it. Something that probably satisfies and entertains our taste buds and energizes our bodies for a very short time frame. Soon after, our blood glucose levels drop and were are finding again that we need, another experience. Another food energy experience.

So we eat, and again most of us will crave those high sugar, high carb, high salt and fat foods that give that instant “hit” satisfy the craving and then the cycle begins all over again.

My encouragement would be that you “energize” your body. And by this I mean we have look at food a little bit differently. Look at the food source and understand “what is this food going to do for my brain, for my body”? How long am I going to be satisfied for? So whether I walk into a fast food locality or a restaurant, and I am just about to have a meal, I am looking at the choice of food for my body very differently.

I ask my self BEFORE I make my choice, is this food going to energise me? If I was out to dinner with some friends I may be looking at the food very differently. For my purpose for being out for dinner is for entertainment. So I am asking the question is this food going to entertain me? Am I going to enjoy a glass of wine? A very different mindset, but for many of you that are looking to perform at a high level, we need to look at food from the point of view of is this food going to energize me?

This approach to food and health makes it really simple, really easy to make energy food choices.

So may I encourage you to look at food that energizes you, not just entertains you. Energize YourSelf!.


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