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List of Best Films of Bruce Lee – Top 5 Best Films of Bruce Lee

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If Bruce Lee was still alive (RIP), he would cut these days with the hand, a sharp movement, his seventieth candle.Yes, the icon of Kung-Fu of the 70 would no longer that kind of a little Roshi bedridden.Whoever cleared the genre and brought a whole new audience to movies from a stick (but not that much but still) would have probably a little harder to kick and jump splits.Whatever, it offers us a great opportunity still debating the best films of the “Green Hornet”

Bruce Lee was a philosopher and thinker applied to his art, he studied the thought of Taoism as Lao Tzu and Chuang Tzu, studied philosophy at the University of Washington1 where he was especially interested by the thought of Hegel, Marx, Krishnamurti and Spinoza among others which applied to your lifestyle. Formally started practicing Wing Chun Kung Fu as a teenager and then created his own method of fighting, Jeet Kune Do (JKD) or “the way of the intercepting fist” which always proclaimed that he should be taken as a simple “style “or” method “is more among the many available. His films, interviews and especially its charisma and influence, infected and spread the growth of passion for the martial arts throughout the West, generating a wave of followers throughout the world. His image, 37 years after his death still lingers in time and has gone down in history as the great myth of the martial arts.

  1. Enter the Dragon(1973) An island, a tournament, a Shaolin monk … bruceliesque ingredients.And the scene of the hall of mirrors.
  2. The Fist of Fury(1972).Tarantino was able to draw heavily in this little masterpiece.
  3. The fury of the dragon: (1972) screenwriter, actor, director, producer, complete the Bruce Lee.You tell me, is not a guarantee of quality and so is on a lot of porn.True.But this is Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris he dismounts.
  4. The Big Boss: (1971).He who made him as a star.
  5. The Game of Death: (1978).Mythical in many respects.He wears a yellow which inspired Tarantino, he breaks Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and 2m20 and dies on the set.That’s a lot for one movie.

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