Friday, December 15

Extra Christmas Cash

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There are nomads and drifters who prefer a jobs that have no regular hours and are there when you want them and no one particularly cares if you don’t show up for a few days.  Unfortunately, most of those kinds of jobs are taken up by illegal aliens these days and since the government favors illegal aliens over legal citizens, you’ll pretty much have to forget about those under table, happy go lucky days when you could pull down a couple of bucks painting somebody’s shed.

Nevertheless there are still Christmas Jobs, seasonal employment and part time work if you need to pick up some extra cash.

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One way to get a lead on seasonal employment is to go to a website that is built for that particular purpose. appears to be a website that is dedicated to seasonal work with a lot of the tools that a job seeker needs.  In addition there are forums associated with the site wherein a job seeker can get extra special help.  If you have always wanted to work in Alaska but know nothing about the place then there are folks in the forum who can give you advice.

Naturally you will want to hit up the job search sites if you are truly serious about looking for a job.  I would suggest using a meta job search engine such as so that you don’t have to spend as much time going to Monster and Careerbuilder, and DICE, etc.  Let Indeed do that for you.  If you have a particular industry you favor then you don’t necessarily need a meta search engine.  For instance, as an IT professional most of my jobs come from

One reason to go to all the various job sites is to post your resume and your contact information so that employers know that you are available for work.  If you are merely searching for work then a meta search engine can be the way to go but if you want the employers to find you then you must go to as many legitimate job search websites as you can and post your resume and contact information.  Take some time to clean up your resume and eliminate information about jobs you don’t want.

It might be worth your while to have a resume writing service review your resume if you really are clueless about that sort of thing.  Check out any service with the Better Business Bureau before you use it.  Since there are no “resume emergencies” you have time to make sure the resume review agency you pick is not rip-off central.

As the economy picks up look out for help wanted signs.  Have your friends and neighbors help you look for employers who need help.  Put your resume in early so that they know you are looking.  Put an application in at every department store and package shipping outfit you know.

If you want to get creative or try something a little different than just think of things that people only do this time of year and put out an ad saying you do those sorts of thing.  Things like chopping and hauling wood, raking leaves, clearing land, making Christmas wreathes, wrapping packages, giving people rides to mall and picking them up, making Christmas decorations, and hauling the remnants of Yule Tide cheer to the dump when it’s all over.

Don’t forget that not everyone uses the internet for everything they might want or need.  You can write up what you do and your contact phone number on a three by five card and post it on bulletin boards in the Laundromats that allow such things.

Check out some websites that have interesting lists of seasonal and or part time jobs:

5 Ways to make Additional Christmas Cash

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