Tuesday, December 12


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Most of my experiences have led to life lessons I have learned as a kid. These life lessons are known to many and most people agree with, which is why I’m left to wonder why their actions don’t. It seems as if we, as individuals, want to separate ourselves from the cause of the problem and tell others how to solve it.

There’s no doubt there is a lot of issues around the world: poverty, feminism, war, and terrorism are just to name a few. These issues amon many more become the daily lives of some people. It doesn’t come as a shock to most people as most are already well educated and informed. However what comes as a shock to me is they don’t feel the need to help. People would rather wake up in the morning ignorant than to have knowledge regarding world issues because if they did it would take away from their “perfect” lifestyle.

I’ve seen people simply “looking the other way” as if they weren’t responsible or as if they didn’t have the moral responsibility to help. I always wondered how a person could be soo cold and cruel to someone they don’t even know. Maybe that was the problem, or maybe the person feels he/she worked hard for his/her position, or maybe they’re just selfish. There’s a lot of maybe’s and not a lot of facts, but just as well there is as much reason as behind the saying “everyman for himself”.

It was Kayne who put said it best when he asked “Do you have the power to let power go?” Through what I have seen in my life there is nothing that best explains what we see everyday except for greed and selfishness. I don’t understand how some people can live on knowing other’s are suffering without trying to make a difference. I guess every person has his/her reasons, but are they enough? Or are they trying to hide the fact that they don’t have the power to let everything go and help someone other than themselves for a change.


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