Monday, December 11

Why do People Abuse

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It seems that everywhere you turn, you hear about abuse. It could be from work or from family or boyfriends. However, most of the time, you hear that the abuse is from a man and very little of the cases are done by women. Even though women can be just as abusive in any given case, however, they’re more verbally abusive than physically abusive. Why do people abuse other people? Why is this topic that just never stops?

People that abuse have problems themselves. If you run into Bill Gate or Warren Buffet, you will see that they probably have not been that abusive to their wives or the people around them, and that’s because they’re the wealthiest people on Earth. A lot of abuses have their root with financial problems. When a family doesn’t have it all together, they will beat up each other because they’re angry and they don’t have much to feel happy about. If you observe these people, you will rarely see that they’re happy. How can you be happy when you don’t have a job or that you can’t make rent this month? While you’re at it, you might as well just shout at your wife or hit your kids just to get your frustration out. This is why you don’t want to be around this type of people because they’re high risk for abuse.

If you see these same people at work, in school or out in a public setting, you might get a nasty response from them as well because they’re not happy so they can’t pass that on to you. If you don’t want the hassle then you should assess them before you get attached to them. People with problems need to work on their problems and you don’t need to take it from them. You deserve to be happy. You don’t have to be a victim.

There are some that are on drugs or alcohol and they can’t be that nice. When they’re on drugs, they’re in another world so they’re probably not feeling your pain when they abuse you. They think its fun and they get a kick out of it. They don’t even see the fact that they’re harming you. They’re also in financial trouble and they probably don’t even have a job. How can these people treat you good? They don’t know how to treat you good. You need to move out and get away from these people.

Another grope that abuse is the ones that have been abused themselves or had a lot of emotional disturbances. For example, they were abused when they were kids or that they have gone through a lot of hardship with family and relationship or work. If they have disturbances and they get psychotic then why would they treat you well? They can’t treat you well. This is why you need to leave this group alone too. People that abuse have problems and they won’t be able to stop any time soon either. It’s up to you to move out and get away from them.


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