Thursday, December 14

Should You Cremate Your Deceased Family Member

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When it comes to the death of loved ones, it’s an intensely stressful situation in life. You’re faced with question of whether you should bury or cremate. It will depend on your religion and cultural beliefs and teaching. Each culture or religion believes in different ways to burry the deceased. You should go with whichever the one that is comfortable for your family. Some process can be less costly comparing to other processes. For example, it’s less expensive to cremate instead of burials. You don’t have to buy space or coffin and extra services.

If you believe in Buddhism, they suggest that cremation is the way to go because the soul would be able to move on and they don’t have to stay with the body. They don’t have a body to return to or visit so they would leave and move on with their lives. It’s easier for them to leave if they don’t have a body to come back to. If they have a body to come back to visit, they will come back and visit them. If you don’t want to deal with ghosts, you can cremate the body so that they don’t bother you.

Every religion and culture will have their own way to deal with the deceased. However, some sayings with certain religion are just fascinating, like where you cremate if you don’t want the soul to come back and bother you. There can be good soul and then bad soul. Some bad soul could be harmful to your family, if you have children around. They could make your kids sick or they could disturb your home, making it hard for you sleep or stay in that house. You have heard of haunted houses and there’re plenty of those around.

When you burry the deceased, you should leave them regular, without making them looking fancy or with makeup. When they’re fancy or if they have makeup on them, they will like their body and might not want to leave, so just leave it plain. When you’re at the ceremony, you should not cry too loud or get too emotional because the ghost will not be happy if they see that you’re suffering and they will not be able to leave. When they see that you’re happy then they will be able to leave you. You should thank the deceased person and wish that they’re in a good place instead of getting too upset or emotional over it. Everyone dies and it’s just a process of life. You have to allow the deceased to move on with their lives too and don’t drag them behind.


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